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Iris Wolf

Iris Wolf


Her path of becoming a flower and DIY photographer is told like a modern fairy tale. Photographer Iris Wolf now graces the living4media collection. Read her exciting story here.

Iris Wolf was born in Cameroon where her father worked as a development worker. It was there that their family adopted another girl. Eventually, the family moved to German where the two sisters got a little brother. The children forged a strong bond as they weathered the dark storm clouds of their parent’s separation. According to Iris, the ties of three siblings still hold strong today.

After graduating from high school, Iris lived and worked as an au pair in Boston, dropped out of teaching in Cologne, trained as a dressmaker in Frankfurt, worked for two years as a dressmaker at the Staatstheater in Stuttgart and lastly, she moved to Cologne. She had created a zigzag résumé in search of her life’s goal. It was after she spent a week in the hospital, she came to the realization:

"No, I don’t want to go on living like this!"

Iris has always dreamed of working as a photographer and artist. She remembered how as a child, she would enthusiastically develop black and white images in her father’s darkroom. So, she registered as unemployed and did what she was always afraid to do. She designed a portfolio and applied to design and art schools throughout Germany. She was accepted in Dortmund and studied communication design with a concentration in photography for five years.

Iris Wolf is empathetic toward people who are struggling in our society. She has been exhibiting work dedicated to people who are on the fringes of society. At the age of 40, Iris gave birth to her daughter. She found herself finally settling down.

"I remembered my childhood in the country. I started to do handicrafts again, had a great desire for sewing and was enthusiastic about flowers, forests and meadows. I made it nice for myself."

The idea of photographing crafts and flowers came by chance. For her first series of photographs, she wrapped flowers around a heart of wire hangers. Immediately a renowned magazine purchased them.

"I’m very happy with this mix. It makes me happy."

Her next idea is to rent an allotment garden as a retreat, outdoor studio, and workshop. Of course, she wants to capture the transformation from a garden to paradise with her camera.

Iris Wolf
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